Your voices have been heard – SB 64 will not be heard during the 2020 Legislative Session

Your persistence and hard work, reaching out to legislators, has paid off! SB 64 has not been heard by any of the Senate Committees and does not has a companion bill in the House of Representatives. Religious and Medical Freedom Still Remain in Florida – for now.
Do not be surprised when this bill is reintroduced before next session. Pharma has a tight grip on a certain segment of our legislature. They will keep trying to push vaccine mandates in every state. Just watch NY and CA to see what the future has in store:

  • Mandated vaccines for all children
  • Denied medical exemptions
  • Healthy children kicked out of school
  • Parents fined
  • Laws passed allowing children to receive vaccines without parental consent
  • Gross government overreach
  • and the list goes on and on...

We can not be quiet. We will not be quiet. Medical Freedom is at stake!


The following Calls-to-Action are FYI and are not currently needed. Stay connected for updates

Florida Senator Lauren Book filed SB 64 in August 2019 to eliminate religious exemptions for vaccinations. This bill threatened religious freedom by imposing mandatory vaccinations on individuals, contrary to their religious beliefs, by removing the right to object to vaccinations based upon religious grounds (Florida Statute 1003.22(1)). This mandate would have removed your rights provided by the First Amendment – Freedom of Religion.

It would have also added a new section of law requiring the Board of Medicine and the Board of Osteopathic Medicine to jointly create a medical exemption review panel to review all medical exemptions.That meant necessary medical exemptions would have no longer been given by your pediatrician, who knows your child best, but instead would have been decided upon by a government panel whose interests lie with Pharma. Necessary medical exemptions are being denied by the State of New York and it will happen in Florida unless we act now. Watch the story of 9 yr old Ameer whose medical exemption was recently denied in NY (Note: Through a court of law, Ameer has since won the right to attend school).

We saw what happened to families in California and New York where religious exemptions were removed and medical exemptions are reviewed and unjustly restricted. SB 64 was a dangerous bill that needed to be stopped. Floridians made their voices be heard – Florida will not become like California and New York.

This is not about being for or against vaccines, this is about gross government over-reach that violates our Constitutional, Civil and God-given rights. 

Early and decisive citizen action in support of our rights, and against SB 64, sent a strong message to elected and appointed officials that voters are vigilant and will continue to hold politicians accountable for representing us. 


Disclaimer: The physicians and nurses shown in the section above are not affiliated with this website or any organization listed herewithin.

SB 64 Updates

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As a Floridian, one of your greatest responsibilities is to help elect the legislators who represent you and the state's more than 14 million other residents. But your role in the democratic process of government does not end at the polls. By sharing your opinions on SB 64 and the importance of religious freedom with your Representatives and Senators in Tallahassee, you help them decide what to do about the issues and pending legislation that affect us all. They value your suggestions and encourage you to express them.

Your legislators receive a huge amount of phone calls and mail from their constituents. Unfortunately, their full agendas limit their ability to personally respond to them all. How, then, can you be sure your voice is heard?  Get tips to help you get the most impact out of your communications with your legislators in Tallahassee.

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