Parents Bill of Rights - HB 1059 & SB 1634 – Yote Yes.


HB 1059 and SB 1634 "Parent's Bill of Rights" did not pass during the Florida 2020 Legislative Sessi

Thank you Representative Erin Grall and Senator Kelli Stargel for introducing HB 1059 and SB 1634 “The Parents Bill of Rights”. We the people of Florida, appreciate your integrity and commitment to upholding our Constitutional rights, medical liberty and parental rights.

HB 1059

HB 1059

HB 1059

December 30, 2019 - Leading the way for parents and families here in Florida, Rep. Erin Grall (District 54), has filed HB 1059 “Parents Bill of Rights” for the 2020 Legislative Session beginning January 14th.

Parental Rights: Provides parental rights relating to a minor child's education, upbringing, & health care; provides school district, health care practitioner, hospital requirements & specified penalties.

Last Action: 1/7/2020 - Referred to Education Committee; Health and Human Services Committee; Judiciary Committee

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SB 1634

HB 1059

HB 1059

January 9. 2020, Senator Kelli Stargel (District 22) filed 

SB 1634, the companion bill to HB 1059.

Designating the “Parents’ Bill of Rights”; providing that the state, its political subdivisions, other governmental entities, or other institutions may not infringe on parental rights without demonstrating specified information; providing that a parent of a minor child has specified rights relating to his or her minor child; requiring each district school board in consultation with parents, teachers, and administrators, to develop and adopt a policy to promote parental involvement in the public school system; prohibiting certain health care practitioners from taking specified actions without a parent’s written permission, etc.

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